Started in 2004, RadiumReactor Media is a collaboration of musical understanding, extensive technical background, and a passion for redefining the concepts of musical discovery and distribution. Living through the virtual (no pun intended) collapse of what the recording industry represented, we realize that only through the embrace of new and innovative technologies that grow this thing we call “the music biz” will we truly be able to share in its development.

Our initial foray into the world of music and media has been utilizing the knowledge and experience we possess in sculpting and sharpening the sound that our artists have brought to us.  We look forward to bringing that expertise into other areas of music production and delivery in the near future.

This site contains information on our label, the artists we work with, as well as how you can get involved with what we’re trying to do. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or information on getting into our studio, or submitting a demo for our label. If you’re interested in any of our artists, get in touch with us to find out where they’re playing, or how you can book the act in your club.

If you’re looking to get your project mastered, go to our Studio page for more information on how Radium Reactor power can be put to work for you.

If you’re looking for our regularly updated articles, musings, and thoughts on the industry, check out our What’s New page.

Thanks again for stopping by; we have much to share with the world.