What does it all mean?

RadiumReactor is trying to reinvent the wheel, or something like that. We see music as a changing landscape, one that is becoming decentralized – we see this landscape as one that will be shaped by listeners alone.

This has not always been. Have you noticed the sounds you hear, the cd’s you own, the stations you tune in to… it’s been a limited palette, it’s been a store with one brand, a choice between X and X light alone…

…but it’s all changing…

firedamagePeople are sharing music, cd sales are down, and the doomsday bell has rung for the major labels. There are two sides to this storm. On one side, it’s going to mean an open marketplace, where more artists will release their music, playlists will widen, and music will exist simply for the sake of art. On the other side, there will be a hell of a lot more to choose from. Possibly too much. While the major labels have long been the target of all kinds of animosity from independent artists and labels trying to crack into the airtight music industry, they have provided a single important function…

…Quality control.

What the labels release each year is manageable chunks of new music and albums from established artists. Their artists are played on their radio stations, and fed into their stadiums for their summer tours, their cd’s are bought and new artists are made. Without the major label, any band with a four track recorder and an internet connection can release their “masterpiece” and until you listen to it, you’ll have no way of knowing whether it was worth your time to listen to it.

RadiumReactor is committed to quality music. (…so are you)

clipbrndWhat’s different? We provide an independent structure to quality control. We work on an individual basis discovering bands and artists that are truly extraordinary, and build our catalogue with them. In this sense we are like any Independent Label: we sign artists, we produce them, we nurture them, and we give you a fantastic product that belongs in your collection, not in a bargain bin… …but

Why on earth would anybody buy a cd when they could just download it for free from Kazaa or Limewire or Overnet or Bittorrent? You probably wouldn’t… and that’s fine.

We’re sure some of you will want to buy our artists’ cds, for your cars, for the artwork, or because you like collecting cds… and you can… please, buy our artists’ cds, but you can have the mp3′s too.

We’re not going to run away from file sharing, or try to stop people from downloading music. There’s no point, let’s face it, as a society, we’ve decided we’d rather get things free than pay for them, so let’s embrace that with music. You can listen to the radio for free, you can watch network television for free, you can view most of the internet for free, as a matter of fact, when it comes to entertainment, there’s a hell of a lot that we get for free, but we still have to figure out how to support the music we love, RadiumReactor offers a 3-tiered business model for artists and bands:

1. All RadiumReactor releases will be in two formats: cd/mp3 and dvd. The cd will be sold like any other, and will be available in mp3 format for download free. The dvd will be mixed and mastered for surround, and compatible with all home theater system. The dvd will also in many circumstances contain blistering re-masters in high quality stereo, and occasional dvd-a or SACD releases (for you nutty stereophiles out there)

2. RadiumReactor artists are backed by our label, our fans and the ability to check them out in advance. They are groomed to put on killer live shows, and they fill the venues they play. Live performance, and booking is a major component of RadiumReactor’s plan. No more studio babies, who can’t even hold their instruments live without a million dollar box fixing their mistakes.

3. Like network television and radio, we look to that dark shadowy figure in the corner just clamoring to get their message in front of you: advertisers. Instead of dealing with disruptive and just plain annoying ads, we look to integrated agreements with companies that line up with the vision and goals of an individual artist. Nothing subversive, nothing frustrating, but enough to let you know exactly who it is that makes it possible for your favorite band not to work a 40 hour work week pushing paper, and instead to focus on bringing you the music you love.

Well, that’s it in a nutshell, RadiumReactor works openly with artists, to bring you new music that’s relevant and worth your time. But after all of this mindless soap boxing your probably curious whether it was worth your time. It most certainly was not, go check out some music!