NEW: Get a free sample of your project mastered.
We’ll master a one minute section of your music to show you
just how good we can can make it sound.

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Our beginning and experience are at their most refined when it comes to mastering. RadiumReactor has mastered albums for scores of projects in and out of the Philadelphia area. There are three reasons for choosing RadiumReactor to master your next project.


Our experience and proprietary methods allow us to offer turnaround times in as short as one week. Additionally, we ship projects nationally through Fedex, and offer completed CD iso’s to our clients on our server. All of this combines to put your project in your hands as fast as possible no matter where you’re located.


Because we’ve perfected our methods over time, we know how long a project will take us, and what tools we will need, often before it even arrives in the studio. As such, we know what our bottom line will be, and how to pass that on to you. We will almost always be able to work within your budget, and will always guarantee your satisfaction.


It’s simple, we don’t stop until you’re happy. We will make sure that your project has that big studio sound, at your basement studio budget. We have a variety of methods that we employ to insure just this, and are incredibly confident in our abilities to produce tight sounds on a tight budget.

Before you go elsewhere, or decide you don’t need your cd mastered, contact us, there’s a good chance you’ll be glad you did.