You know what’s cool?

Games.   You know what makes those games cool?  Audio.  We’re talkin’ music, sound effects, the whole aural experience, it gets you so tired at the end that you end up sleeping like a baby with your bed wedge pillow amazon.

Just sayin’.

More to come soon.

bed wedge pillow amazon

Knock, knock…

…we’re still here.

A few years, a healthy rotation of significant others, some marriages and even a kid thrown in for good measure, a bed chair pillow, and voila!  How did Neil Peart coin it?

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

In any event, I’ll keep this short and manageable (the only valuable lesson I can claim in life so far): hope you like the redesign, and (much) more to come soon!

bed chair pillow

AC3 MP3s? Moving to internet delivery of surround mixes

1980, the cd is born, from this emerging technology, a generation is designed, a generation that will culminate in IPods, Napster, a music industry reeling from file sharing, and fans of music pleased as punch that they can go online and download any track they want. But what happened to quality? We’ve stalled, haven’t we… We started with vinyl, moved all the way forward into the brave new world of digital audio, and then took a great big leap backwards with MP3’s.

All the while, the technology has gotten better. We have two promising new formats, SACD and DVD-A. SACD is a dangerous thing to get too excited about, as the technology its based on is still very poorly supported by pro-audio hardware manufacturers. DVD-A on the other hand, can be produced by just about any studio that’s already set up for DVD post work, or hi fidelity audio production. (There are a few adjustments and additions that need to be made).

But nobody is realistically going to care about wonderful surround formats, when they can just download the mp3’s that are universally compatible. So, this article, is about bridging that gap. It’s about bringing 5.1 mixes to the same wonderful world of open distribution as mp3s. Continue reading AC3 MP3s? Moving to internet delivery of surround mixes

Progress Report

We’re currently working on construction of our new studio in Delaware County, along with taking on a handful of new projects, The Drumsquared DVD and CD are nearing completion, the now finished Loosecannon DVD is available, and the debut album of Phoenix Rising will be completed in the coming weeks.